Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our team is able to offer deep technology expertise in building data warehousing, ETL, reporting and planning tools. We provide business consulting to set up internal Business Intelligence processes.

Data Warehousing


High-performance data warehouse for reporting and planning. Allows you to consolidate and report data from SAP and nonSAP applications.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

High-performance data warehouse in the cloud, additionally oriented to business users. One product containing the core tools - for ETL, data warehousing, data governance, reporting and planning.

SQL Data Warehouse

Need to build a data warehouse, export data to external applications and databases? Even in SAP, you can do this with a standard SQL approach.


SAP Analytics Cloud

A modern cloud solution for reporting, planning or predictive analytics.

SAP BusinessObjects

On-premise reporting tool with excellent connectivity to SAP applications and solutions. Allows you to combine and report data from different data sources, send reports via email, create pixel perfect reports.

SAP S/4HANA Analytics

Enriches SAP S/4HANA with new reporting and analytics capabilities.Helps you if you have neA.w requirements that are not covered by the standard analytics content on S/4HANA.

Data Science

Is, in short, a field combining mathematics, IT and business knowledge to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data.


SAP Data Services

Helps you export data from SAP applications. A powerful ETL tool with broad connectivity so you are not limited by the ETL tool alone.