SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

High-performance data warehouse in the cloud, focused on business users.


  • Storing large volumes of data from different source systems in the cloud (SAP applications, non-SAP applications)
  • Data visualization using an integrated analytical tool
  • Consolidating data from different source systems (SAP, non-SAP)


  • Brand new product offered as SaaS in the cloud
  • Broad connectivity to SAP and non-SAP applications and databases
  • Consolidation and transparency of corporate data
  • Close collaboration between business and IT users

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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a new, standalone product offered by SAP as SaaS in a public cloud environment. It is a data warehouse that uses the power of SAP HANA Cloud database and enables working with corporate data from various sources, their transformation or consumption in real time and also their subsequent visualization. Thanks to these and other functionalities, it offers a comprehensive package for providing services of a full-fledged corporate data warehouse, solved in the form of DWaaS.

The main advantages of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud include an intuitive environment, rich self-service options for creating models and analyses by business users, a wide range of connections to sources from SAP and non-SAP environments, metadata management through the Business Catalog function and, last but not least, the built-in functionality of the SAP Analytics Cloud, which enables the resulting visualization.