SQL Data Warehouse

SQL Data Warehouse

Do you need to build a data warehouse, export data to external applications and databases? Even in SAP, this is possible via the standard SQL approach.


  • Storage of data from different source systems (SAP applications, non-SAP applications)

  • Providing data for reporting tools


  • openness of the data warehouse

  • freedom of development and possibility to use a wide knowledge of SQL

  • openness to different reporting tools

  • weaker integration to SAP applications
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More and more often, we encounter the requirement to build a data warehouse in an external database. These data warehouses are primarily used for data science, data analytics, reporting and as a source for external applications.

The advantage of these solutions is their openness, freedom to choose the target platform, on premise/cloud, adaptability of the solution to the business and technical capabilities of individual companies. The disadvantage is the relative complexity of development and deployment.

At MIBCON, we have an experienced team of analysts and developers who have already designed and implemented data warehouses on various platforms (Snowflake, Azure MS SQL, MS SQL, SAP IQ, etc.).

We successfully use SAP Data Services as our ETL platform, which provides broad connectivity and development variability. It is the only ETL tool that provides native access to the SAP application level (data sources, open hubs, functional modules).

Our data warehouses are designed for a wide range of applications - data analysis, reporting, application feeds, etc. An integral part of data warehouse design is data source analysis, where we have a broad knowledge in terms of SAP data models.

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