SAP Data Services

SAP Data Services

Helps you export data from SAP applications. A powerful ETL tool that doesn't limit you thanks to its wide connectivity.


  • data transfers from source DB/cloud/files to target systems (database, cloud, file)
  • data transfers from SAP applications to DB/cloud/files
  • data quality control, data editing


  • standard on-premise ETL tool
  • wide connectivity to on-premise and cloud world (SAP, non-SAP)
  • data transformation, cleansing and consolidationImage title


With the advent of massive development of the use of cloud solutions within corporate infrastructure, requirements for data exports from SAP ecosystems are increasingly emerging. A typical requirement is to export data from the SAP ECC system to a cloud database (SAP SCP, Snowflake, Azure, Amazon, etc.) in order to create a new data warehouse. This new repository is then used for reporting, data science or other external applications.

To solve these tasks, we successfully use SAP Data Services, which offers not only native connectivity to SAP applications, but also broad connectivity to cloud and onpremise data sources. A unique feature of SAP Data Services is the extraction of application-level data from SAP ECC, SAP BW, etc. (data sources, tables, views, open hubs, function modules).