Moving to the cloud

Moving to the cloud

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive view of the potential benefits and barriers to the adoption of cloud services. We create complex applications with maximum use of their integration into the SAP environment.

The concept of digital or cloud transformation has been with us for years. However, the actual deployment is regularly a major challenge for all startups. How to react appropriately and quickly to changes internal (new technologies, personnel management...) or external (customer purchasing habits, new payment or logistics systems...)?

With more than 20 years of experience in SAP product deployment projects, we have a broad knowledge of SAP systems and their technological depth, and we regularly learn and develop the latest trends and innovative products in order to apply them appropriately to the right SAP architecture. We have a team of cloud experts to help you with your first steps in cloud usage and planning innovative projects.


Business transformation occurs from many external and internal systems, but always requires system agility to enable organizations to respond quickly to changes in the market or needs.

SAP recognizes these trends and is building a platform that will offer universal services with which applications and solutions can be appropriately traversed to cover more complex tasks and processes while remaining sufficiently extensible or customizable.
Součástí dostupných služeb je také široká paleta inteligentních digitálních technologií, jako je umělá inteligence (Artificial Intelligence - AI) a strojové učení, sítě internetu věcí (IoT), pokročilá analytika a robotika, mají sílu znovu objevit, jak pracujeme a podnikáme - a jak se společnosti stýkají se svými zákazníky a světem.

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) offers a broad and versatile portfolio of cloud services that provide the foundation for developing and deploying solutions with the required integration, connectivity and extensibility for specific processes and customer requirements. The cloud platform offers a suitable basis for implementing innovations in business processes.

A wide range of intelligent digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) networks, advanced analytics and robotics, have the power to reinvent how we work and do business - and how companies engage with their customers and the world.

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SAP Cloud Applications (SaaS)

Just as the platform is ready for development, extension, integration or analytics, SAP still has a portfolio of applications called Intellligent Suite, which are now primarily available in the cloud, for which the platform can be used appropriately. As a proven partner, MIBCON has experienced teams of consultants for all these solutions and we are ready to help your digital transformation with proven platforms.

Business Process Management - SAP S/4HANA Cloud

HR - SAP SuccessFactors

Customer Relationship - SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Analytics and Planning - SAP Analytics Cloud

Examples of BTP usage

MIBCON's teams of cloud architects, consultants and developers work daily to develop innovative tools for the specific needs and challenges of businesses today. We regularly provide our customers with new solutions to enhance their primary systems, streamline processes or improve the decision-making processes of corporate management.

Use cases: 



Data Privacy and Protection for SAP

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Cloud transformation projects cannot be done not only without mutual trust between the vendor and the customer, but also without proper support from the appropriate technology vendor. We have long been one of the largest SAP partners on the Czech and Slovak markets, and in recent years we have been developing this relationship through the SAP Cloud Focus Partner initiative, of which we are a member.

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SAP Store

Within the MIBCON Group, we strive to develop the use of the platform by preparing predefined solutions for selected areas of planning, reporting, process management, etc. that fit into the overall platform in the area of partner innovation.

All our current solutions are available on the SAP Store:

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