A mobile solution for sales reps will instantly provide you with valuable data "from the field", allowing you to improve your sales and marketing strategy.

The app based on real-time technology offers fast, mobile access to all relevant information for participating users and leads to easier, faster and more efficient communication. It works on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) via wi-fi or GSM. However, most operations can also be performed off-line with subsequent synchronization after reconnection to the mobile network.

Thanks to mib:SALE, the sales representative gets immediate feedback on the achievement of the sales plan, the number of customer visits, the quality of display and other key indicators. Using a mobile device, he or she easily captures photo documentation from customers, which is another valuable source of up-to-date and real-time information.

The manager obtains data necessary for planning, controlling and evaluating marketing and business activities. He can well control the movement of sales representatives, continuously optimize the assortment and monitor the activities of competitors. Thanks to active reporting, he can immediately send feedback to the sales representative.

Other advantages of mib:SALE

  • Works well in companies with any IS (not only SAP)
  • User friendliness
  • Adaptability to different disciplines
  • Easy installation & direct integration into the information system = data can be used in existing reporting platforms
  • Online search in state administration registers (connection to ARES)
  • Simple and secure solution in case of mobile device replacement, loss or malfunction

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