mib:project 2.0

mib:project 2.0

Effective project and capacity management.

Image titlemib:project is with your processes

  • Capacity management of teams and the entire company
  • Delivery of classic and agile projects
  • Prioritisation and conflict resolution
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Project Office and Management...

...all in one place

Agile board

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Kanban boards allow you to organize tasks, prioritize activities and build a backlog of work.

The team will be able to focus on key tasks with greater productivity.

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Address team and individual staff capacity on projects and operational activities.

Keep track of their available capacity including holidays in clear reports.

Resolve project conflicts, make decisions quickly and efficiently, with complete information on allocations.

Plánujte projekty

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Plan classic projects using WBS, organize tasks into work packages and track deadlines.

Track project milestones across your teams and company. Refine workload estimates, even at bid or project start-up.

Zlepšete proces řešení incidentů a uživatelských testů

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Requirements and errors are not enough to have in an email.

Monitor the performance of your teams, the reactions and responses of researchers and sponsors.

Set up the request processing flow according to your needs.

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With mib:project, you are not limited to your work computer. It works online in the browser and is optimized for tablets and smartphones.

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It is built on top of modern UI and backend technologies with a guarantee of years of support and development.

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Connect your processes and systems in one place. Invoice, bill, report and approve in one environment.

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mib:project can be run on your systems as an on-premise solution (on Tomcat, jBoss, SAP Portal) or as a cloud solution on SAP Cloud Platform - now also available on SAP AppCenter. In the cloud variant, you don't install anything, you just order and we get the system up and running for you.

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Workflow of projects, requests and tasks, screens, lists, email notifications and much more can be easily customized. Mib:project will fully adapt to your needs.

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The user always comes first in mib:project. The application is easy to navigate and most changes can be made with a single click.