MIBCON assisted to Globus during IT modernization

MIBCON assisted to Globus during IT modernization

Company Globus passed further important step in modernization of it’s IT systems, Globus implemented SAP Retail solution. Project is the part of the global Globus systems renewal

Globus CZ has opened the space for development and modernization within the whole omnichannel, i.e. in all sales channels, both in the area of classic sales in particular hypermarkets, and  in the area of on-line applications for its customers due to the implementation of SAP system.

Extensive Roll-out of SAP solution covered key processes thru whole company – from the cooperation with suppliers, logistics, warehouses, goods records, up to SAP applications used by the end customers in the hypermarkets.

MIBCON company helped to Globus CZ to implement and manage the project while providing the consultancy and analytics services, performed the trainings and solution testing and helped to keep the project milestones.

Thanks to the cooperation with MIBCON, we went thru this huge change very comfortably, without any impact on our business, "said Michaela Reková, Globus CZ coordinator.

In addition, MIBCON was responsible for SAP Process Integration (SAP PI), the software that provides communication between key internal and external systems, MIBCON implemented over 40 different interfaces.

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"In the next phase of the project, we participated in the Roll-out of SAP Retail into 15 hypermarkets, where in addition to project management and coordination and Globus team support, we participated in the key data migrations," describes Zdeněk Ira, ERP Director of MIBCON.

"Globus CZ, respectively Globus Czech Republic, was the third country in the Globus business group to move to SAP Retail. The current system of commodity management was already rather outdated and the exchange for a new system was inevitable, "added Michaela Reková.