At MIBCON, we decided on the concept of a joint charity for the next few years at the end of 2017.

We voted democratically on how to help and agreed that helping for us is not only about anonymous donations, but also about sharing personal experiences with people from the non-profit organization. We also wanted to be able to choose between different areas of charity. We voted to support a total of three nonprofits together as Mibconians.

The Alzheimer Foundation, or rather its Alzheimer Café project, and Puppets in the Hospital (Loutky v nemocnici) were added to the Klíček Children's Hospice, which we have been supporting for many years.

Mibconians and MIBCON a.s. together donated CZK 1.18 million to these three non-profits at the end of 2017, as part of the "mib:charity day". CZK. This has become a tradition and year after year we distribute more than a million between these three organizations. 

Each non-profit organization had an "ambassador" who presented its activities to the Mibconians from his or her personal perspective. And here are our medallions:

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Puppets in the Hospital - Loutky v nemocnici (Honza Holík)

Until last year, I didn't pay attention to the puppets or the clowns in the hospital. I knew them only from the news or some Czech movies. Everything changed last year, when I spent almost a month with my daughter in Motol hospital. You could say that Sara measured time by them, because they came once a week, on Tuesday afternoons, and it was a break from everyday life. When they arrived in the room, there was silence in anticipation of what would happen. I silently prayed that I wouldn't have to sing because their artistic endeavor would be short-lived. After they left, the eyes of the children and their tired parents were bright. I personally marveled at the fact that they would walk into a room where children were on IVs, nervous parents, and with a smile on their face, begin to perform a play or sing. At the end, they give the kids a present.


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Alzheimer Café (Zuzka Opletalová)

Maybe you've experienced it in your neighborhood. The energetic grandmother, who just a few years ago was jumping rope in the backyard as a former Falcon, suddenly becomes someone else. The family cares, as exhausting and frustrating as it is. Alzheimer's is an irreversible disease that, despite a person's good physical condition, eventually turns him or her into an immobile body without a soul, dependent on a bed and artificial nutrition. The Alzheimer's Foundation is helping to find a cure, as well as encouraging young doctors and other professionals to take an interest in this increasingly widespread disease. The donated money will be used primarily for Alzheimer's Cafes - regular meetings for family members whose lives have been touched by the disease. There they can get expert advice and, last but not least, share their feelings. Alzheimer's gradually destroys not only the person with the disease, but also his or her immediate family through long-term frustration and despair.


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Klíček Children's Hospice - (Ondra Dědina)

Mibconians has been together with the Klíček Foundation for a number of years. Although the topic of children's hospice may sound a bit depressing to some, it is a big surprise how many smiles you can find in Klíček. These are the smiles of both children and their parents, whom Klíček helps in difficult moments. Whether it is material or just psychological help, organizing camps or accommodation in the Motol hospital, MIBCON has been one of the main donors over the last eight years that have made these activities possible. And we continue to be a donor.