Marketing and Commerce

Marketing and Commerce

We have a wide team of experts with knowledge of building e-commerce solutions based on SAP CX. Our added value is our knowledge of technology and processes in different business sectors.

Your relationship with the customer is formed before they buy anything. And it's how you begin to build that relationship at the outset, and continue to develop it, that will determine whether or not you become and remain their supplier of first choice.

Thanks to digital technologies, marketing and sales channels are increasing, which opens up new opportunities but also risks in strengthening the relationship with the customer. You can only build a positive customer experience, across multiple communication and sales channels simultaneously, if you can manage and anchor all of them well.

Choosing the right software to make your business competitive and successful in the era of digital commerce is not easy. It's a decision that will either lead towards gaining or losing your market share.

The SAP CX family of tools helps you build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers. They're products that enable shoppers to enjoy a consistent and most tailored experience, across all sales channels and on any device, no matter where they are.

What we can help you with

At MIBCON, we currently specialize in implementing two areas of SAP CX tools - business and marketing: Commerce and Marketing.

The first is to ensure that from a business perspective, everything works for you so that your customers have a personalised yet consistent and balanced experience across all sales channels, in brick-and-mortar stores or digitally.

The second tool helps you to know your customers well, discover their preferences and put them in context, so you can automatically create individually targeted offers in bulk. What's more, customers will receive these at the moment when the offer is relevant to them. With Marketing, you'll have true data-driven marketing.

Why MIBCON as an implementation partner

We are one of the first to implement these tools in the Czech Republic, and in the field of Hybris Marketing we can boast a partnership on the first project in Central and Eastern Europe, implemented by HP Tronic. Our solution architects and consultants have relevant SAP certifications in both Marketing and Commerce and practical experience from successfully implemented projects.