"The mib:SALE and mib:SALE LIGHT solutions have significantly helped us automate the process of loading almost 800 customers at more than a thousand delivery points."

“In 2011, we decided to replace our original mobile application for sales representatives because it was morally and technologically obsolete and it did not allow us to respond to new needs and processes. We decided to entrust the development of a new solution by Mibcon, even though its specialists told us straight away that they had not yet developed a similar application. We had great experience with them from working on other projects, so we believed that they would understand what we needed and will do a good job this time as well.

We were not disappointed. The mib:sale mobile solution covers and connects the wide range of tasks that our sales representatives are responsible for. On the advice of Mibcon, we have directly involved our sales representatives in the development of the application. The result is an application that our sales representatives use daily and is so user-friendly that there was no need to organize special training. Sales representatives also like mib:sale because they only need a corporate smartphone or an 8 "tablet to control it - mib:sale works on both. Through them, they manage and control a number of elements in the business process - among other things, they make sure that our distributors offered new goods, take photo documentation for the system, have the opportunity to offer promotions to customers or deal with the acquisition of new ones.

In the second step, Mibcon developed a modified solution the mib:sale light for tablets, which contains a stronger distribution element. This solution also helped us significantly in automating the loading processes of our customers, which we served with applications from Mibcon almost 800 at a thousand delivery points.

Both solutions are connected to the single SAP ERP solution.

In retrospect, we can say today that the trust we had in Mibcon paid off.”

Luboš Haspekl, IT manager of GECO TABAK, a.s.